CY Initiative, a leading academic project

CY Initiative project, supported by CY Cergy Paris University and ESSEC Business School was labeled ISITE by the french government in February 2017.
It aims to bring out in the territory of the Western Paris metropolitan area, a leading academic strength in the form of an international research-intensive university that will enter in top 200 within 10 years in rankings like THE or QS.
CY Initiative focuses on three main objectives:
  1. CY Cergy Paris University, an international research university, positioned as a leading international player.
  2. CY SUP, An Undergraduate College adapted to territorial needs
  3. CY Campus, An international campus anchored locally in Cergy-Pontoise and dedicated to students
As a result, today, the institutional structure of the site, its scientific dynamic, its fundraising capacity, its international visibility and its brand have been radically transformed.

In order to achieve its objectives and create synergies, the project is based on 3 transversal and strategic instruments: 
  • CY Advanced studies for international scientific development
  • CY Transfer for the development of technology and knowledge transfer
  • CY by Design for the development of new pedagogies
CY Initiative is our way to contribute to address the global issues of a world undergoing rapid changes and facing momentous challenges as it copes with economic, ecological and societal transitions.

Key Figures