Development tools for innovation and transfer

The younger generations will have to face the complexity of the 21st century and to apprehend in a free and informed way this situation. In this context, the higher education and research institutions need to support this societal transition by training their students in a constantly changing multipolar world and by encouraging cutting-edge cross-cutting research.
Better understood, those mutations of the contemporary world  will allow us to rethink our relationship with the other people. CY Initiative wishes to enable students, teachers, researchers and administrative staff to fully understand their local, national and international environment.

A partnership with EdTech France to develop educational technologies

In 2020 CY Initiative becomes a partner of EdTech France, an association which brings together entrepreneurs in higher education and lifelong training.
Around a network of more than 220 business members (startups and SMEs) and an ecosystem of more than 30 partners (businesses, higher education establishments, associative and institutional actors), EdTech France aims to contribute to the development of the digital educational sector, in France and in the world.

EDUCATE France is an initiative designed collectively by CY Cergy Paris University, ESSEC and the Department of Val d´Oise under the CY Initiative. It consists of an acceleration programme intended for carriers of innovative solutions for education The particularity of the programme is primarily to offer support in the acquisition of scientific tools and methods in order to enable them to measure and guarantee the effectiveness of the solutions proposed to a learning audience. It includes a theoretical aspect and a practical phase through the performance of experiments in learning environments. This offer is built in partnership with UCL EDUCATE, an initiative led by UCL's Institute of Education, which has established since 2017 as a world-class reference in supporting start-ups in the EdTech sector. EDUCATE France's ambition is to become the national leader in supporting companies in the EdTech sector, and to form with UCL EDUCATE the major network on an European / World scale.

PEPITE @CY, Show, Train, Live an experience

The entrepreneurial culture and the entrepreneurial spirit already present within the establishments of CY Alliance is an integrated and transversal part of this new format of PEPITE thus allowing students to be able to have the first bases of the creation of company or associative structure at the end of their training or during their professional course.

PEPITE @CY, whose previous results with the PEPITE Vallée de Seine are positive, still has a strong margin for improvement in the number of student entrepreneurs (700 student entrepreneurs and a transformation rate of 35%), to instill the entrepreneurial spirit by a majority and to all types of students. It also has to improve the recognition of skills developed in this context, promote innovation and accelerate entrepreneurial projects with socio-economic players. These objectives can be achieved with the support of the various ongoing and future actions, in particular through this “Entrepreneurial Spirit” Call for proposals.

PEPITE @CY will take shape through a tripartite concept:

  • Show, to inform everyone and sensitize on the Entrepreneurial Spirit, both on possible support and on educational paths
  • Train, to cover under PEPITE @CY all the training needs in the field of entrepreneurship / intrapreneurship
  • Live an experience, to propose support, information and training carried out in real-life immersion via third-place and workshop spaces