CY Initiative: a very ambitious project that paves the way for a new university model

CY Initiative aims to create a center of research and higher education in Cergy-Pontoise and improves its visibility and attractiveness on an international scale, both for the quality of research focused on key areas of excellence and for the relevance of its training and its socio-economic roots.

The initiative offers a new vision of higher education in Cergy-Pontoise, both rooted in its region and strongly open to the world. A vision that takes into account the ongoing restructuring of the higher education landscape in France and more widely in the world.

This ambition is based on 3 flagship actions:

CY Cergy Paris University, an international research university 

The ambition is to organize and strengthen post-graduate and research levels, within an international research university highly attractive in its fields of expertise, and particularly efficient in terms of cutting-edge research and training.

A first key step was taken in January 2020 with the launch of CY Cergy Paris University borned from the union of the University of Cergy-Pontoise and EISTI. The newly created university also integrates two graduate schools ILEPS (sport and education) and EPSS (social work). ESSEC Business School is associated as a strategic partner.
CY Cergy Paris University also becomes the leading university of the site policy, and takes over the mission carried out previously by ComUE Paris Seine, which disappeared on December 31, 2019, after having fully played its role as a catalyst of the territorial forces. The other schools, previously included in the ComUE Paris Seine, are also partners of the university by integrating the CY Alliance.

Firstly dedicated to the students, CY Cergy Paris University creates the link between training for all and academic excellence, between territorial presence and international attractiveness. It sets itself the objective of giving everyone the opportunity to become an actor of their own future, to find their place in a constantly changing world, to have the keys to understand and face the challenges of the 21st century. The CY Cergy Paris University offer is structured around an undergraduate college called CY SUP and 4 graduate schools with an international dimension to which ESSEC Business School, 5th graduate school, is associated.
CY Cergy Paris University is also projecting internationally along a Europe-Africa-Asia strategic axis and through double degrees, joint research programs and shared campuses as well as multiple partnerships. Founding member of the EUTOPIA alliance, CY Cergy Paris University, together with its five partners, carries the foundations of an university renewed on a European scale, a collective and shared response to the societal challenges of the new century.

This new university is also based on an advanced research policy at the heart of CY Initiative's ambitions. At this stage, the initiative will indeed accelerate the research trajectory.

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CY SUP, an Undergraduate College

CY SUP, CY Cergy Paris University's undergraduate programmes, is the direct link with the high schools of the territories. It deploys a wide range of training programmes for all undergraduate public, and supports students in the progressive construction of a study path and a chosen and effective career trajectory. Taking its inspiration from international models such as community colleges, it promotes the articulation of undergraduate programmes with the needs of the Val d’Oise territory. These initiatives are made available from the very start of the higher education curriculum with the appropriate support structures (refresher courses, tutoring, reorientation).

Professional courses (BUT, professional licenses, apprenticeship) open students up to the employment market and help them to integrate into the working world. General undergraduate degrees prepare students for masters, doctorates and other programmes offered by the different graduate schools.

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CY Campus, An International Campus anchored locally in Cergy-Pontoise and dedicated to students 

CY Campus brings together Higher Education Institutions and local authorities around shared trajectory and ambition: to develop in Cergy-Pontoise, a campus for national and international students, researchers and businesses, and closely connected with the inhabitants of the territory.

CY Campus makes the academic map readable in the Cergy-Pontoise territory in order to increase:
  • the efficiency for the young people of the territory in terms of guidance, accommodation, culture and sport,
  • the attractiveness for international students, researchers and companies
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