Doctoral College

The CY Initiative doctoral college aims to train and mentor doctoral students by allowing them to be guided in their research by nationally and internationally renowned teacher-researchers and regularly publishing in the largest journals.

The college consists of 3 multidisciplinary doctoral schools with diploma delivered by CY Cergy Paris University:
  • The Doctoral School of Science and Engineering covers the following disciplines: physics, chemistry, biology, engineering science, sciences of the Earth and the universe, and information and communication science and technology.
  • The Doctoral School of Economics, Management, Mathematics and Physics (EM2PSI) brings together world class international researchers who are regularly published in leading journals in the fields of economics, finance and mathematics. The THEMA and AGM laboratories on which the doctoral program is based are both ranked among the 10 best research centers in France in economics and mathematics, respectively. Education and research programmes are varied and directly linked to the most pressing issues of contemporary societies and to the most advanced developments in research.
  • The Doctoral School of Law and Humanities (DSH) hostes and enhances doctoral students in their research with the support of nationally and internationally renowned research fellows who regularly publish in the most prestigious journals. It is a multidisciplinary school that covers the following disciplines: law, political science, literature, languages, history, geography and educational sciences.

A doctoral studies service, to support and facilitate the work of doctoral students

The Doctoral Studies service supports the doctoral student from his/her registration for a doctorate to his/her thesis defense.
It supports doctoral school directors in the organization of doctoral school councils and the election of doctoral student representatives. The service participates in the management of doctoral contracts and doctoral missions, responds to national surveys (Ministry, HCERES) and ensures the implementation of regulatory changes on doctoral training. It ensures the coordination and consistency of the policies of the 3 doctoral schools.

The Doctoral Studies service also offers and implements transversal training programmes for doctoral students, in order to facilitate their thesis work and prepare the rest of their professional career: conferences, round tables, workshops in small groups, individual support. It also organizes the events offered throughout the year to doctoral students: welcome day for new doctoral students, doctoral graduation ceremony, My thesis in 180 seconds competition, Doctoral seminar, etc.