Calls for proposals & funding programmes

After the launch of a first call for proposals only two months after the Isite labelisation, CY Initiative continues to launch calls for proposals on a yearly periodicity. Nearly 150 projects have been funded for an amount of € 13.5 million.
The objective of these calls for proposals is to support projects of the CY Initiative scientific community and to stimulate scientific excellence and the internationalisation of research in order to have a structuring effect on the research strategy of institutions, on research teams and also on researchers.

Future-oriented research

The scientific quality of the projects, their contribution to the visibility and the dynamics of excellence are decisive in CY Initiative calls for proposals. They target original research projects, led by individual researchers or research teams, which explore new research themes or consolidate existing expertise, as well as the strengthening of doctoral and postdoctoral programmes.
The projects supported must also contribute to the development of international scientific collaborations with the strategic partners of CY Initiative: in Europe with the University of Warwick and more generally the partners of EUTOPIA, the Alliance of European Universities (University of Warwick, Vrije Universiteit Brussel ( VUB), University of Ljubljana and Pompeu Fabra University and University of Gothenburg). In Asia, a privileged partnership has been established in Singapore with the Nanyang Technological University. Other partnerships with universities are expected in the coming months (University of Mauritius, University of Western Cape, etc.). Collaborative projects with these institutions or other international universities are encouraged.

3 funding programmes for academic excellence

Within the framework of CY Initiative calls for proposals, 3 funding programs was created:
  • The Ambition programme aims to support ambitious medium-term research programmes developed at the level of a research group or a research center. These large-scale scientific projects, in strategic research areas, will have a significant leverage effect on the scientific production, impact and visibility of teams. The projects will be funded over 4 years and will significantly transform the research dynamics of the laboratories involved.
  • The Talent programme aims to support the recruitment of young researchers with high potential wishing to develop their research activity in one of the CY Initiative research groups. The programme encourages applications from high-potential early-stage researchers (two to ten years of postdoctoral experience) with excellent previous academic results and a high level of ambition and innovation of the proposed project. The programme offers an attractive remuneration and working environment for a period of 3 years.
  • The objective of the Emergence programme is to support the development of innovative research projects, led by individual researchers. The objective is to prepare a request for external financial support at national (in particular ANR), European (ESF, ERC, PCRD, Horizon 2020 / Horizon Europe) or international level. Emerging research projects with high potential will be supported for a period of two years, up to a limit of € 50k.
The submitted project must involve the work of a small team (at least two researchers), explore new research themes and be part of the scientific development strategy of the supporting entities, institutions and CY Initiative.

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