CY Initiative governance

CY Initiative governance is organized on two levels: a decision-making and strategic level, CY board and the council, that brings together the partners of the consortium, and an operational level, CY BUREX, which brings together the managers of the strategic axes and cross-disciplinary programmes.
CY Initiative Board supervises the implementation of the project and elaborate the site policy. The board meets at least twice a year and examines the progress of CY initiative project and formulates helpful recommendations in order to achieve the objectives. The board consists of 8 members: the President of CY Cergy Paris University, a Vice-President of CY Cergy Paris University, the Dean & President of ESSEC Business School, the Dean of the Faculty of ESSEC, the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris Île-de-France, the CEO of the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), and two representatives of the socio-economic world.

The council of CY Cergy Paris University discusses and decides the CY Initiative of excellence’s funds allocation, after the advice of the Board.  

The BUREX is made up of 4 people: the directors of CY Cergy Paris University and ESSEC Business School, a member of the Permanent Faculty of ESSEC and a Vice-President of CY Cergy Paris University. This BUREX meets every month. It manages the entire strategy of the initiative of excellence, ensures that commitments are respected, especially with the ANR commitments. The BUREX also supervises the funds of the CY Initiative and defines the strategy with external partners. It ensures communication under the initiative.