SFRI @CY, to foster the international outreach of CY Cergy Paris University

The project aims to support the structuration of the graduate schools (4 graduate schools of CY Cergy Paris University in collaboration with ESSEC, the 5th graduate school) to increase their international impact. It’s based on three axes:
  • CY Talent: To attract and retain high-potential students with the attractiveness offer of CY Cergy Paris University, in particular through the development of the L-M-D continuum. That will allow talented students to get involved very early in programmes strongly oriented towards research.
  • CY Staff: To increase the staff affiliated with CY Cergy Paris University and the international impact thanks to university exchanges hosting excellent foreign researchers for teaching missions.
  • CY Design: To renew the pedagogy facing the challenges of the 21st century by developing the common experience offered to students and staff based on a "problem and project based" approach, enriched by a collaborative design methodology and with the learning by doing method. It aims to develop pedagogy by projects.
Welcoming internationally renowned experts and researchers is a key factor in building the reputation of an institution. This increases its visibility, especially internationally. It also has a significant impact on the placement of doctoral students in universities abroad.