2 LabEx, at the heart of the initiative's scientific strategy

The LabEx MME DII and PATRIMA contribute to the scientific strategy of CY Initiative. They structure and legitimize its research excellence strategy in two of the three major axes of its research policy:
  • Business, Finance & Management
  • Heritage, Arts and Luxury.
They form the basis of structuring instruments:  the CATTS (Center for the Acceleration of the Transfer of Technologies and Knowledge) to develop and support socio-economic partnerships and the EUR (University Research School).
The LabEx are thus integrated into the development strategies of two registered EUR: The EUR Modeling Sciences and EUR Humanities, Creation & Heritage.

The EUR Humanities, Creation and Heritage and the LABEX PATRIMA

The university research school (EUR) Humanities, Creation and Heritage proposes to affiliate the UFRs in Human and Social Sciences of CY Cergy Paris University with 4 schools (National School of Architecture of Versailles, National School of Landscape of Versailles , Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Art de Paris Cergy and Institut National du Patrimoine) and with the support of the Fondation des Sciences du Patrimoine, the Ministry of Culture and Communication and the CNRS. The objective is to position the university research school  as the benchmark institution, at master's and doctoral level, in the fields of creation and heritage with an innovative methodology of research by project (practice-led research) and strong scientific support from the humanities.
The two universities CY Cergy Paris University and UVSQ are also carriers of the LABEX PATRIMA and the EquipEx PATRIMEX, and respectively chair and vice-chair of research.
In order to increase the impact of these two tools at regional, national and international level, they created the Foundation for Heritage Sciences in 2011, with the Ministry of Culture and Communication, the public establishments and the CNRS.


The governance of the LABEX MEE-DII is integrated into the governance of the EUR in Modeling Sciences EUR. The Foundation for Modeling in Economics has thus become the foundation of the EUR Modeling Sciences and is part of Foundation of CY Cergy Paris University, allowing pooling of resources. The foundation reports to the management board of the Initiative on the use of equity.
Laboratory of excellence selected as part of future investments, the Labex MME-DII is focused on economic modeling and involves more than 150 very high-level researchers in economics, mathematics and physics, with six partner institutions.