CY Campus, An International Campus anchored locally in Cergy-Pontoise and dedicated to students

The International Campus project is a pillar of CY Initiative and aims to build a first-rate campus thanks to emblematic academic buildings and a high quality of life, to attract ever more students and researchers.
Led by an association bringing together the State, communities and CY Cergy Paris University with its associated schools, CY Campus is the tool for structuring action aimed at the student experience. A common ambition projects a campus of international rank, solidly and locally anchored and fully dedicated to its students and inhabitants for a fulfilling life experience in strong interaction with the economic and international structure.

A large campus that offers an excellent multidisciplinary training offer, with the right keys to entry and fit into professional life.
An exemplary campus which is part of an economic structure, a dynamic agglomeration and department, to better draw energy and develop the essential exchanges between higher education and the local economy. All the links in the chain, training - research - entrepreneurship, are involved.
An exceptional campus which is also the setting for a serene and balanced life experience, shared by students and residents. Facilities, housing, mobility, cultural and sporting activities… Life is good on CY Campus.
This campus will be innovative, synergistic and sustainable. This spirit guarantees the influence of this project in France and in the world, and already makes it attractive for students, researchers, residents, but also companies and investors and all economic partners.

The goal is to make CY Campus the 3rd largest university hub in the Paris region.

CY Campus, Train, Innovate, Live

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