To support the research

Research is at the heart of the CY Initiative project and its ambition is to create an International Research University.
An ambition taken head-on from the launch of the initiative. Only 2 months after the announcement of the Isite label, the Initiative launched its first call for proposals on research of excellence. Renewed each year, the calls for proposals receive more and more projects proposed, proof of the attractiveness of the initiative in terms of research.

And this policy of extensive research does not stop there. Concentrated on 3 fields, the social sciences, the modeling sciences and the heritage sciences, it is based on 4 strong ambitions:
  • Boost scientific potential through the implementation of calls for proposals allowing the recruitment of doctoral and post-doctoral students, in particular through CY Advanced Studies
  • Strengthen international attractiveness by setting up Chairs of Excellence 
  • Promote the excellence of research, the emergence of transdisciplinary projects and the development of high-level scientific exchanges thanks to the CATTS, the EUR Art, Patrimoine, Création and the LABEX Patrima and MME-DII
  • Develop the internationalisation of research, in particular with the EUTOPIA Alliance
CY Initiative research is also based on 23 laboratories and 2 federative structures spread over the different graduate schools: