CY Transfer, for the development of technology and knowledge transfer

CY Initiative develops a strong strategy for the transfer of knowledge and technology by creating CY Transfer.
It focuses on 3 major axes linked to the 3 research areas of the initiative:
  • Business, Finance & Management
  • Heritage, Luxury and Arts
  • Risk, Security & Society.
CY Transfer objective is to develop initiatives and projects allowing the sharing of knowledge with society and the business world and within the scientific community.
Concretely, the Risk, Society and Security division allows the co-funding of 5 theses with industrial and regional partners. 
In addition, alongside the industrial partners of CY Initiative, 3 chairs were created in 2018: 2 industrial chairs with Qwant and Biobank, and the Jean Monnet chair on the theme "War and Europe: Defense, Security, Heritage, Memories and Culture ".